Clear Your Yard of Eyesore Stumps

Clear Your Yard of Eyesore Stumps

Arrange for stump removal services in Trenton & Mercerville-Hamilton Square, NJ

Tree stumps don't look great in your yard. Plus, they can attract pests and spread disease to other trees in your yard. When you consider the hazards of stumps, it's easy to see why you should call Angel's Tree Services & Landscaping for stump removal services.

Our stump grinding experts can remove your stump from your yard and grind it into usable mulch. You can get a free estimate on your Trenton or Mercerville-Hamilton Square, NJ stump grinding and removal services by calling 609-851-2568 today.

Discover how our stump removal process works

While we work quickly, we still make sure to be thorough with our stump removal services. You can expect us to:

  • Dig around your stump to expose the roots
  • Cut larger roots with tools
  • Lift and remove your stump from the ground
  • Fill the hole with dirt
  • Grind the stump into mulch

If you want it, you can even keep the leftover mulch from your stump to add to other areas of your yard.